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Youtube Video Submission Guidelines


Audition Video, uploaded to YouTube no later than July 1, 2016 (

Recording of rehearsal (12 – 15 minutes in length)

1. Two selections, which must be from different periods.
2. The two selections must represent two different languages.
3. The two selections must be in contrasting tempo and style.

1. The applicant should rehearse the choir in such a way as to focus on gestural communication, rehearsal technique, and the development of the musical product (in much same manner as a guest conductor in a festival setting).
2. Primary value will be placed on gestural language and rehearsal technique.
3. The Review Committee will also place value on mastery of interpretation, appropriate use of language (metaphor, simile, analogy, etc.), and use of imagination.

1. The camera angle will show a full frontal view of the applicant and all movements.
2. The choral sound and comments of the applicant must be clearly audible on the video recording.
3. The applicant will begin each selection by announcing the title and composer of the work to be presented.

1. The video-recorded selections will be presented consecutively without stopping the recording device between selections.
2. The video recording will not be edited in any manner.
3. The video recording will show the applicant conducting and rehearsing the choir for a minimum of twelve minutes and a maximum of fifteen minutes.
4. The time should be divided equally between the two selections.

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